How Social Media Can Make History by Clay Shirky

Here are 17 minutes that just might help you understand the true power of everything we’re experimenting with online, and give you a small glimpse into how technology is connecting us all.

Clay Shirky (author of the book, Here Comes Everybody) is one of the brightest thinkers (and speakers) on the topic of new media. Here, in this recently posted TED Talk, Shirky looks at “how Facebook, Twitter and TXTs help citizens in repressive regimes to report on real news, bypassing censors (however briefly). The end of top-down control of news is changing the nature of politics.”


The Business Success Zone!

This picture is an excellent visual of True Success in Business!

This is from Bud Caddel’s blog We are all given unique strengths and I believe a passion that drives us, if we allow it. Far too many times we get caught in a trap of a career path or business that has somehow become our fate.

It’s time to take hold and find that elusive feeling of Success – being paid to do what you enjoy, and are gifted to do!

Wishing you all the success you are wiling to work for!

The Corporate Gift Giving Survey Results

Our pre-launch Gift Giving Survey asked a series of questions for both Corporate and Personal Gifting habits. These are the results for the Corporate portion of our Survey:

Here are the questions we asked:

I/We use Gifts as a reward for Referrals?
I/We have an Employee Incentive plan?
I/We use Gifts as part of a Customer Retention Program?
I/We have an annual budget for Gifts & Incentives
I/We spend more than 1 hour a month shopping for Coporate Gifts?
I/We have made purchases online?

Thank you to all the participants. We look forward to being able to assist you with your Corporate Reward and Incentives plans at

We’ve Launched!

Wow! What a fantastic experience yesterday. Launching our new website with a Webinar was a blast. The responses were fantastic and we look forward to continually updating our site as we move forward with our new initiatives.

Thank you goes out to all those who responded to our pre-launch Gift Giving Survey; and the winner is……….Tom Elmer. You will find the results of this survey posted later today.

One of the driving forces behind our new mandate is best described in this video: Did you know?

Have a great day! I am going to rest!

Today is the DAY!

The way we operate in business has so dramatically changed and yet stayed the same. It has always been and always will be about relationships. What’s changed is the medium by which we communicate. We are social beings, we excel in communities. The Internet has been taken back by people to be our platform rather than an information source. Check out this video: Did you know?

As a result, we are launching a new website for today. This site will assist Corporations with their Gift & Incentives program development as well as offer access to Personal Gift Giving via Gift Cards.

As a pre-launch celebration we are performing a Gift Giving Survey. Please take a 2-3 minutes to make your opinion count! To Thank You for participating you will be entered into a drawing for one of our Gift Cards value at over $400.00. This draw will take place at the launching ceremony on Monday, June 15, 2009 at 8:00 pm.

To attend the Launch Webinar, Register here!

Thank you and happy Gifting!

What is the purpose of The Closing Touch?

What is The Closing Touch?

The Closing Touch is the ultimate way to give a gift. Everyone likes to choose their own gifts and The Closing Touch offers you the opportunity to give exactly what the recipient wants through a unique Gift & Incentive Program.

We will assist you with Customer Retention, Rewards, Referrals as well as Employee & Sales Incentives.


1) You choose the price of the gift card. There are over 10 different collections to choose from.
2) The recipient chooses the gift that they want from the collection.
3) The gift is shipped directly to the recipient.
4) The cost of shipping is included on the gift card.
5) This program is simple and easy to use! No more guessing, gift receipts or travelling to return unwanted gifts. Give exactly what they want…hassle free!

We are launching a new website for on June 15, 2009. Become a Fan of Facebook Page to be kept updated.

Take a few minutes to answer our simple survey and as a Thank You, we’ll enter you into a draw for a $400 gift card so you can experience the simplicity of our program first hand by clicking on

Gift Giving Survey

We are preparing to launch our new site on June 15, 2009. In order to better serve your needs we would like you to answer a very quick survey on your Gift Giving habits. You submission will be entered in a draw for a Gift Card valued at over $400.00.

The Survey results along with the winner will be posted on the on June 15th!

Using Twitter for Business

There is so much information out there on what is happening with social media/ especially twitter. Here is a resource as to what is happening with twitter and business.

Once you make the leap and start with twitter I highly recommend the most comprehensive Guide to Twitter I’ve found:

This link tells you who you are following that is not following you back and the opposite:

Wishing you all the success you are willing to work for!

Perception is Reality – Visualize Success

There have been so many books/movies based on the Law of Attraction. Who and what you attract are a reflection of where you are in your thought patterns. To choose to continue to spend time with people that are not going to be part of your future; is not moving you in the direction of your dreams and goals. It is counter-productive. Enjoy this article and begin visualizing your success.

Embracing Your Inner Customer

Customer Service through Embracing Your Inner Customer

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