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Will LinkedIn’s new company pages take on Facebook’s business page?

Not all businesses have a Facebook page, because they just don’t see it as the right platform to communicate with their target market, and if you sell ball bearings or professional services, you are probably right. So where exactly can you go to get your share of the online space, generate conversation and feedback, and get others to recommend your product or service? LinkedIn now has that place.

You would think that Facebook would be the frontrunner here as it has the advantage of more than 500 million members on its network and by comparison, LinkedIn has a much smaller network of only 80 million. But I wonder if the business nature of LinkedIn could pull it off?

The new ‘company page’ will allow you to add video, product images, 3 banner images linked back to your website or any other site, descriptions about your products and services, and the ability to add a disclaimer. You can even load up multiple variations of the page that show different images depending on the visitor. With Linkedin members also being able to write and add recommendations about your products, it’s a pretty solid offering. Take a look at Dell’s page as an example.

I think it is only a matter of time before they also link company pages back to your LinkedIn profile so that conversations can take place. That would then pretty much wrap it up nicely, all in a very business-oriented environment.

LinkedIn is fast becoming a real source of business intelligence, and with the ability to now follow a company you will be notified whenever changes occur in that business. So if someone leaves, you have that intelligence. Imagine how lucrative that will be from a recruiter’s point of view, and something you won’t get with Facebook.

Just like you may have a link on your website to your company’s Facebook page, you can now also have one that suggests users to ‘Follow us on LinkedIn”.

I wonder what the next great idea LinkedIn rolls out will be. Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments box below.

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