Latest Mobile Barcode Trend Report – QR Code use on the rise!


“ScanLife has just released it’s latest Mobile Barcode Trend Report which looks at data and analysis from barcode scanning (e.g. UPC & QR Codes) aggregated across 30 countries around the world. This is our third quarterly report which includes some additional insights around top products being scanned, some of the US cities that are scanning, and the most popular 2D barcode campaigns by industry and code action.” Read the full article to find out the other key takeaways.

Do you have a QR Code strategy?

Visibli: The Half-life of a Facebook Post


“Many users are unsure of when their previous posts have gone stale, and a new post might be beneficial. Our study shows that, on average, Facebook posts receive 50% of their Likes within the first 1 hour 20 minutes of being published, 80% within the first 7 hours, and 95% within the first 22 hours.

This means that marketers can take solace in the fact that Facebook posts are much more resilient than Twitter posts. To avoid cannibalizing Likes from earlier posts, companies may delay future posts until they have maximized engagement on previous ones. ”

Scheduling your content sharing is an important part of an overall marketing strategy. Having a plan that will optimize engagement means knowing your audience. As businesses strive to be a resource by adding value for the client base they’ll be required to spend just as much time in conversation as they are in content publishing.

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Is that a true statement for you?

12 Things to Do After You’ve Written a New Blog Post


This article by CMI is explains how the content publishing arm of online marketing through blogging can extend your social web presence. Adding and sharing valuable content makes you a local resource for your network. It’s simple really, find something worth talking about, add your passion and your sphere of influence will appreciate it. If it excellent in nature they will pass it on.

It’s not about how often but how remarkable your blog posts are that matters. Have your found your passion to write about?

How CEOs Can Manage Information Technology


This is an excellent article that is asking the right questions. Do you have a technology plan? Social media may have been the ‘buzz’ over the past 2 years but it is representative of a larger change in how we relate with our customers and employees via the Internet.

Having been in the computer industry for more than 25 years, I remember well when I introduced technology to accounting departments that have one person for Accounts Payable, one for Accounts Receivable, one for Payroll, one for General Journal, etc. I was not welcomed in that department as those employees feared for their jobs. What has changed? Technology should be taking care of the mundane and freeing our minds and time to be innovative and building relationships.

I am a purist and believe that technology should make life simpler not more complex. How do you incorporate all that technology affects throughout your organization?

What is the best social media monitoring tool?


The popularity of these social media monitoring tools is primarily based on personal use at his point. As the tools evolve this year the true leaders will emerge. Currently I prefer HootSuite Pro.

Five things to try in the New Google Analytics that rolled out yesterday


Google rolled out their new Analytics release to all users yesterday. It faster and streamlined.

According to Google here are five things to try in Google Analytics v5:

* Create an additional dashboard to focus on your important metrics
* Set up an Event Goal to track interactions like downloads and video engagement
* Graph and compare any two rows over time with Plot Rows
* Check out your favorite report (Did it move? Our Report Finder can help)
* Flip between your different profiles and sites while staying focused on the same report

In the main navigation you have Account Home, where you can find all the accounts that you have access to.  You can have up to 20 dashboards each containing 12 widgets. 

This release is very significant and I believe it is an improvement for users.

72% of Smartphone Users Are Likely to Recall An Ad With a QR Code… Survey is from 2011!

The QR Code is starting to appear in more places and according to this survey and 63% of people would scan a QR code to ‘access additional information’.  Would you?

About the Survey
In February 2011, an online survey of 415 smartphone users was conducted on the Vision Critical
Springboard America panel. The margin of error – which measures sampling variability – is +/- 4.8%.
Discrepancies in or between totals are due to rounding.

QR_code_Stats_3_21_11_FINAL.pdf Download this file

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How the Real Estate Industry Is Using Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]


If 29 % of people locate an Agent via Internet home search; are you being found?