Spring Cleaning for the Tech-Savvy Real Estate Agent, Part 1

Too busy to do spring cleaning for your technology? Don’t have time for it?

Recently, I spoke to someone (who is not tech-savvy or a real estate agent!) who had kept six years of work on their USB stick.



Guess what? It stopped working. No replacement. No back ups. No maintenance. It is amazing that the USB stick held up so long without being damaged or lost.

Maybe they will recover their information and maybe they won’t.

Your computers, devices, software, websites, and social media pages need regular updates, maintenance, and cleaning.

Today, let’s begin with your websites.

Imagine that a family has been talking about selling or buying a home. It is Sunday afternoon. They know your name and are interested in certain neigbhourhoods.

Search for your name in Google and Bing. Search for your targeted neighbourhoods. Your name and brokerage should come up in both searches. If not, you have no online ‘storefront’ and need to get one.

Going back to our family talking about buying or selling a home. They arrive at one of your websites:

Does it look like hundreds of other outdated real estate websites?
Are your photo and biographical information out-of-date?
Do you have old awards listed? (An old award just reminds people that you haven’t won anything lately)
Is the website cluttered? (because some SEO guru told you it needs to be)
Are your property listings and market information easy to find and fresh for the Spring market?
Is it easy for prospects to contact you by phone, email, social media, and website chat?
Does everything work on the website? Click on every button and link and make sure that they go where you want them to go.

What you want to aim for in the Spring Clean Up of your websites is a fresh clean look with plenty of up-to-date content.

New listings.
Current market information for buyers and sellers.
If you can manage to prepare an interesting and relevant photo and text post at least once a week, a blog.
Current contact information for you.
Interesting and fun information about your targeted neighbourhoods for the Spring Season.

For help with updating your websites (but not with finding or repairing USB sticks), contact us at: info@thetouchmarketing.com


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